All Fitness Levels Welcome!

Here's a hidden gem that's empowered countless women to evolve, inside and out: our genuine commitment to your progress. Even though we’re geeky about the art and science of transformation, the secret sauce is that we care. We're fully committed to supporting you, standing by your side at every stage of your journey.


New to the gym? Try our beginner-friendly Strength class! In just 60 minutes, you'll learn proper weightlifting techniques and get a personalized exercise plan for progress. Led by knowledgeable coaches, our classes focus on the fundamental movements of the human body, including Pull, Push, Squat, Lunge, Hinge, Rotation, and Gait.We'll start with a mobility warm-up to prepare your joints and body, then split into groups for circuit training. Finally, we'll wrap things up with stretching, foam rolling, or a meditation session to help you relax and unwind before getting back to your day.


Ready to release some workday frustration? Our Kickboxing class is the perfect way to clear your mind, destress, and let go of pent-up energy in a healthy way. Join our 60-minute sessions featuring a variety of punches, kicks, knees, and elbows. Each month, explore a new theme to enhance your skills while enjoying an intense workout. Start with fight-specific warm-ups like shadow boxing and jump rope, then move on to partner pad drills with fellow MoveHER members. Finish with a core workout and stretching session for a comprehensive kickboxing experience. Let's empower you, both mentally and physically!

Strength & Kickboxing

Short on time? Experience the ultimate workout combo with our efficient Strength & Kickboxing class! Begin with a mobility-focused warm-up before diving into a 25-minute strength session led by experienced coaches. Utilize kettlebells, steel maces, and bodyweight exercises to target major muscle groups. Then, gear up for a heart-pumping 25-minute kickboxing session, releasing stress and boosting confidence with powerful strikes on a punching bag. Finish with stretching and recovery work. Get the benefits of both worlds in one class!

Animal Flow

Ready to shake things up? Try out Animal Flow, a fun ground-based workout that blends strength, flexibility, and coordination in a bodyweight-only format. Get ready to explore new moves and feel the instant benefits as you connect with your body and clear your mind. This 60-minute class is all about mastering different movements, building core strength, and boosting your willpower. Get down on the ground to improve your mobility and reduce the risk of injuries in your hips, shoulders, and spine.

Personal Training

Get ready for personalized training that's all about YOU! With certified trainers right by your side, we'll craft a workout plan that's tailored to your goals and what you love. Choose from 30 or 60-minute sessions in General Fitness, Kickboxing, or Rehabilitation to fit your schedule and exactly what you're looking for. It's all about making sure you get exactly what you need to reach your goals!

Nutrition Coaching

Jump into our Nutrition Coaching program, where we create a personalized step-by-step plan just for you. We're all about giving you the individual support you need, including bi-weekly check-ins to keep you on track and adjust your plan as necessary. With expert advice and strategies tailored to your needs, you'll be equipped to take control of your nutrition and enjoy the amazing rewards of a healthier lifestyle. Whether you want to boost your energy, lose weight, or just feel better overall, our program is here to empower you at every turn.