All fitness levels welcome!

Here’s our little secret that has helped so many women transform themselves both physically and mentally – we really care about your growth. Even though we’re geeky about the art and science of transformation, the secret sauce is that we care. We’re on your team and got your back every step of the way.


New to the gym and unsure where to start? Join our Strength class! Perfect for beginners, this class teaches proper weightlifting techniques and provides an exercise plan for consistent progress. In just 50 minutes, target all major muscle groups while receiving guidance from our Knowledgeable coaches to enhance your technique and advance your program throughout the month. Our programs focus on the fundamental movements of the human body: Pull, Push, Squat, Lunge, Hinge, Rotation, and Gait. Begin with a mobility warm-up to prepare your joints and body, then divide into two groups for circuit training. Conclude with a calming stretch or meditation session to unwind before returning to reality.


Looking to release some workday frustration? Our Kickboxing class is the ideal outlet to clear your mind, destress, and release pent-up aggression in a healthy and socially acceptable manner. Join our 50-minute sessions featuring a variety of 20 punches, kicks, knees, and elbows. Each month, explore a new theme to enhance your kickboxing skills while enjoying an intense workout. Begin with fight-specific warm-ups like shadow boxing and jump rope, followed by partner pad drills with fellow MoveHER community members under expert guidance. Conclude with a core workout and stretching session, ensuring a comprehensive kickboxing experience. Let's empower you, both mentally and physically!

Strength & Kickboxing

Short on time? Get the ultimate workout combo with our efficient Strength & Kickboxing class! Begin with a mobility-focused warm-up before diving into a 20-minute strength session. Our experienced coaches will lead you through four efficient exercises, utilizing kettlebells, steel maces, bodyweight, and more to target major muscle groups. Then, it's time to gear up! The second half of the class is dedicated to a heart-pumping 20-minute kickboxing session. Unleash a variety of powerful strikes on a punching bag, releasing stress and boosting your confidence. Fine-tune your skills with personalized coaching. Conclude with stretching and recovery work. Get the benefits of both worlds in one dynamic class!

Animal Flow

​​Experience the transformative power of Animal Flow, an immersive ground-based program that brings strength, mobility, power, coordination, and flexibility together in a bodyweight-only format. Try something new and reap instant benefits as you connect with your body and clear your mind. This 50-minute class will have you exploring and mastering a variety of movements, enhancing core strength and willpower. Embrace the ground to improve movement, reduce injury risks, and unlock hip, shoulder, and spinal mobility. Finally, unite everything into a seamless 'Flow' sequence, accompanied by energizing music that transports you from your thoughts to the rhythm and sensations of your body.

Kickbox Girl

Introducing Kickbox Girl, the ultimate program for girls and teens aged 11-14, combining fitness, self-defense, and empowerment. Join us for a fun-filled 50-minute class where they can learn kickboxing skills, boost confidence, and find a supportive community during the transformative years of physical, mental, and emotional growth.Every week brings a fresh theme, ensuring a dynamic workout experience while developing impressive kickboxing skills. Begin with fun warm-up games, fostering camaraderie among peers. Next, she'll team up with a partner for 3-4 rounds of combos and drills guided by a skilled coach. Finally, wrap it up with a stretching session and uplifting words to set their mindset for a successful week ahead.

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