About Us

We live to make movement fun for you!

MoveHER Fitness is a complete women's strength and conditioning program that helps you take control of your fitness and mindset. Our coaching and approach starts with understanding you, hearing what you want to achieve, and help you work through obstacles that are in your way of achieving your goals. Rather than offering quick results, we coach real women just like you, and help them create healthy lifestyle habits that are sustainable long term.

Meet Our Team

April do Nascimento

Owner/ Head Coach

Hi, I'm April! I have been a fitness coach for 11 years and love learning everything about how the body moves! I have my Bachelors in Kinesiology and love to share my knowledge and experience to help women move better and feel successful in their fitness journeys. When I'm not training Muay Thai or Animal Flow, I enjoy spending time at home with my dog Luke, watching true crime and taking long naps on the weekend.

Kat Kevorkian

Head Kickboxing Coach

Hi, I'm Kat! I was born and raised in LA. I have been training Muay Thai for 6 years now and still love training the sport! At MoveHER, I enjoy sharing my knowledge with the women in our community and helping them find their love for movement through punching and kicking in class! When I'm not training or teaching I'm either shopping, doing pilates, or cuddling with my 4 cats! I hope to see you in my class.

Kalei A


Hi, I'm Kalei! I'm from LA & Hawai'i. I love being part of the MoveHER community and always strive to create a welcoming environment for women to feel motivated, confident and empowered. Muay Thai is a big part of my life so I love sharing my passion for the sport with others. When I'm not training, I enjoy spending time with friends and family, hiking, painting and cooking. I also just graduated from law school and am an employment attorney.

Amanda Suthida McDuffie


Hi, I'm Amanda! My background is Muay Thai. I grew up in Thailand and always wanted to be able to fight. If I'm not at my day job, you can find me at the gym training Muay Thai or lifting weights. I love spending time with my dogs, Zeus and Sage. I also love cooking and trying new recipes for my family. I'm passionate with health and fitness and I want to spread my knowledge and help other women get stronger and be confident!

Tiga Samuelson


Hi, I'm Tiga! I am a Certified Personal Trainer as well as kickboxing instructor. I am also a Muay Thai competitor. My favorite exercises are chin-ups, hip thrusts, and deadlifts! When I'm not in the gym, I'm with my dog & cat at home or going on a hike. I also love food- all kinds-if I could, I would eat out everyday. I love helping women get to their strongest, best version of themselves!

Ariana Muñoz

Social Media Manager

Hi, I'm Ari! I am currently a student at California State University, Northridge majoring in Music Therapy. I enjoy the dedication, energy, and generosity each coach has at MoveHER Fitness. What I admire about the MoveHER community is their commitment, vulnerability, and their spirit! I enjoy listening to music, playing guitar and spending time with my dogs. I hope my future career can heal and touch many hearts.