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Struggle with making yourself a priority? Learn ways to reduce stress and ensure you block out time to enjoy quality ‘me time’.


Having a hard time sticking to a routine? Our coaches care about your success and are ready to help you reach your goals!


A lot of women want to workout but they find gyms uncomfortable. We'll show you what a no-judgment experience can be.


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Kickbox Girl

The ultimate program for girls aged 11-14. Join our empowering 50-minute class, combining fitness, self-defense, and community. Each week, explore fresh themes for dynamic workouts and impressive kickboxing skills. Foster camaraderie with warm-up games, partner drills, and expert coaching. Finish with stretching and uplifting words. Set her mindset for success!


New to the gym? Start strong with our beginner-friendly strength class! In just 50 minutes, learn proper weightlifting techniques and get a personalized exercise plan for consistent progress. Our knowledgeable coaches guide you through fundamental movements and advance your program monthly. Prepare, train, and unwind with mobility warm-ups, circuit training, and a calming cooldown.


Experience the ultimate workday release with our kickboxing class! Let go of frustration and stress in a healthy, socially acceptable way. Join our 50-minute sessions featuring 20 punches, kicks, knees, and elbows. Explore new themes each month for enhanced skills and intense workouts. Empower yourself mentally and physically today!

Animal Flow

Discover the transformative power of Animal Flow, a bodyweight-only program that enhances strength, mobility, coordination, and flexibility. Experience instant benefits as you connect with your body and clear your mind. In this 50-minute class, master diverse movements, improve core strength, and unlock mobility. Unite everything in a seamless 'Flow' sequence with energizing music. Embrace the ground and unlock your potential!

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Book your 1-week trial for $39

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The coaches are there with you every step of the way. No matter your fitness level, they truly care and take the time to get to know you and help you accomplish your goals!

~ Isamar M.

Amazing coaches with so much positive energy. They make working out fun and are very motivating. They take the time work with each women and provide feedback every session.

~ Diana R.

Coaches work with you to make your fitness goals attainable and help you develop more consistent healthy habits. I got in the best shape of my life thanks to MoveHER!

~ Miranda P.