If you’ve ever gone to the gym and didn’t know what exercises to choose, what equipment to use, or how much you should be lifting, this is the class for you! Our strength class is a great place to learn how to properly lift weights and gain confidence with an exercise plan that will keep you on track.

In this 50-minute class, you will be able to stimulate all of the major muscle groups in your body while working with a coach to help you improve your technique and progress your program throughout the month. As far as exercises go, we love the fundamentals! So when designing our programs, we include the seven basic movements the human body can perform: Pull, Push, Squat, Lunge, Hinge, Rotation and Gait.

Start with a mobility warm-up to open up your joints, reset your body and prepare you for your training. You’ll then break off into two different groups and complete each circuit for 2-3 rounds before switching groups.

We’ll then finish the class with a stretch or meditation session to calm and relax your system before getting back into the reality of life.


Have you ever had one of those days at work where you kinda wish you could knock someone out? Our kickboxing class is the perfect place to clear your mind, reduce stress and let out any aggression in a healthy (and socially-acceptable) way!

In this 50-minute class, you’ll get a workout based on a selection of around 20 different punches, kicks, knees and elbows. Every month you’ll get to experience a new theme that is designed to give you a great workout while developing your kickboxing skills.

Start with a fight-specific warm-up such as shadowboxing, jump rope and other bodyweight movements. You’ll then partner up with another MoveHER community member for 3-4 rounds of pad drills, under the guidance of your experienced, caring coach. We’ll then take you through a core workout and stretch session to ensure we’re hitting all the important elements of a great kickboxing session.

Strength & Kickboxing

If you love kickboxing and strength workouts but you’re pressed for time to do both, then our Strength & Kickboxing class gives you the best of both worlds!

After we take you through a mobility-focused warm-up, we move right into the strength component. You’ll be guided through a 20-minute workout comprising four exercises, that’s designed to get you strong in the most efficient way possible. Learn a range of kettlebell movements that hit your major muscle groups or explore other strength-based modalities and tools like steel maces, bodyweight, and more.

Then it’s gloves on! In the second half of class you’ll be taken through a 20-minute kickboxing component to get your heart rate up, blow off steam, and make you feel like you can take on anything. Learn a range of punches, kicks, elbows and knees, and go at your own pace as you go toe-to-toe with a punching bag! You’ll also get some 1-on-1 time with your coach to fine-tune your skills.

Wrap it all up with some stretching and recovery work, and you’re all done!

Animal Flow

Let yourself dive into something you’ve never tried before and instantly feel the benefits of Animal Flow. This ground-based program combines strength, mobility, power, coordination and flexibility in a bodyweight-only format that will clear your mind and connect you to your body.

Get down on the ground to move better, reduce your risk of injury, and feel more open through your hips, shoulders and spine. Find yourself again in this 50-minute class where you’ll discover and drill a range of movements that will strengthen your core and your willpower.

Bring it all together at the end by building everything into a fluid sequence known as a ‘Flow’. We’ll blast some music so you can get out of your head, and into the vibes and your body.